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A Nitrogen Gas Generator is at the heart of the ultimate dispense gas solution. An Apex system gives you the high quality, reliable mixed-gas supply you need for faster beer dispensing, reduced fobbing and consistent pint presentation. Today's cellar systems rely on bottled gases of multiple elements and mix ratios, which can be potentially hazardous to store on-site, not to mention the high cost of renting multiple bottles. Furthermore, the headlines constantly remind us of the harm green-houses gases (like CO2) are having on the environment, it is becoming even more important to be planet-friendly. Our GasgeN2 system moves from relying on CO2 to putting nitrogen at the centre of your system. A nitrogen generator produces nitrogen which can be used in your cellar pumps or mixed with carbon dioxide on-site to provide the gas ratios required by your beers. 


The right ratios are made to order. Allowing you to offer a wider range of beers at a lower cost to you. 

Mixed Gas on Demand

Carbon Dioxide is all you need, lowering your rental costs, saving you money!

Fewer Bottles

For a fixed monthly cost, you have an unlimited supply of nitrogen.  

Unlimited Nitrogen

Fewer bottles equal less delivers, just one of the eco-benefits of our system.

Environmentally Friendly

How we can save you money?


The most expensive part of any cellar gas system is the purchase of gas, specifically the cost of expensive mixed gas. The Apex system is designed to lower those costs. Nitrogen is produced on-site and is then mixed with bottled carbon dioxide to produced the right mixed gas for your system. This brings two key benefits; 1) you only need to buy bottles of carbon dioxide which is the cheapest dispensed gas and 2) the nitrogen can be used to power your systems beer pumps meaning that CO2 is only used in your drinks making it last longer. 

The graph shows how much longer the Apex system makes your bottled gas last. For more information on the data for the graph Click Here

See How the System Works

Generating nitrogen onsite allows our system to use it whenever CO2 is not required. CO2 is important for the taste and texture of a lot of beers and therefore little can be changed about the mixed gas currently used in your system. But where you previously used CO2 or mixed gas in powering beer pumps or in cleaning lines, our system can use the generated nitrogen, saving bottled gas to be used in beers only. This makes your bottled gas last longer and means you need fewer bottles in your cellar, saving on rental costs.

It is reported that 4.2 million deaths a year are attributed to air pollution (World Health Organisation, 2020). While in quarantine due to the coronavirus the world has stopped and the impact on the environment can be seen everywhere. With airlines grounded, roads empty and factories closed there has been a massive reduction in air pollution. Since Italy went into lockdown on 9 March, pollution levels in Milan and other parts of northern Italy have fallen by about 40% (European Space Agency, 2020). Scientists believe that reducing pollution due to the lockdown has saved an estimated 77,000 lives in China alone just by reducing pollution (McMahon, J., 2020).

No one is suggesting that the coronavirus epidemic is a good thing nor is there a silver lining to them, but maybe they help us to learn about things we do in our everyday lives that could be improved. We should be trying to learn from this crisis and work to reverse the damage we have caused. Granted the biggest changes need to be made by the biggest polluters, fossil fuel burners, airlines and traffic. But that isn't to say that you are not able to make a difference.

Here at Apex, we believe we have the service which allows you to do your part, to do good by the earth and reduce climate change. That is exactly what our Cellar Gas System does. An upgrade of the inefficient and heavily polluting bottles gas model. Shifting the focus of the system onto Nitrogen allows you to be more environmentally friendly, as you limit wasting of CO2. Our system is designed to require fewer bottles of gas and use them more efficiently, this results in fewer deliveries which further reduces your carbon footprint - not to mention the financial benefit. 

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