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Providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highly efficient cellar system which allows you to deliver the perfect pint time and time again.

Better than Bottled

The Total Cellar Solution


In many of today's cellar solutions bottled gases of multiple elements and mixed ratios are the more common supply of choice, however currently there are several issues with the use of gas cylinders namely the shortage of C02 in the UK which is causing gas prices to increase significantly, the potentially hazardous storage of gas cylinders and furthermore, the issues relating to the harm green-houses gases such as carbon dioxide are having on the environment. It is clear that a new solution is needed for your beer gas requirements.

Apex presents the solution: An Onsite Nitrogen Generator.

A Nitrogen Gas Generator is at the heart of the ultimate cellar gas dispensing solution. Our system aims to provides you with the high quality, reliable mixed-gas supply which you require for faster beer dispensing, reduced fobbing and consistent pint presentation. Apex's cellar solution GasgeN2 moves on from the reliance of C02 to put Nitrogen at the centre of your system. This on-site nitrogen generator produces N2 which can either be used in your cellar pumps or mixed in with the carbon dioxide to provide you with whatever gas ratios that your beers require.

Key Benefits

We mix your gas on-site, giving you the right ratios as you need them. Mixing on-site provides you with a cost-effective method for offering a wider arrange of beers. We can also tailor the mix ratios to your cellars needs, ensuring only the very best pint from first to last. You no longer need to buy and rent bottles of expensive mixed gas that you rarely use. Limiting waste and reducing cost while maintaining the quality you are used to.

Mixed Gas on Demand

Mixed Gas on Demand

The right ratios are made to order. Allowing you to offer a wider range of beers at a lower cost to you. 

Unlimited Nitrogen

Unlimited Nitrogen

A nitrogen generator does exactly what it says, our system generators nitrogen as you need it. It produces nitrogen from the air surrounding it, after being cleaned by medical-grade filters. The generator should be able to keep up with demand. For additional peace of mind, our generators come with a low-pressure tank ensuring you can deliver the perfect pint all day long. Low-pressure tanks store the nitrogen just above atmospheric pressure, making the tanks far safer than highly pressurised cylinders.  With your gas being made on-site there is no downtime and no expensively delivery charges to worry about.

For a fixed monthly cost, you have an unlimited supply of nitrogen.  

Fewer Bottles

Fewer Bottles

This system replaces the need to buy and rent a variety of gas ratios, by mixing them onsite we are able to produce the same ratios from only bottled CO2. This means you need fewer bottles, saving you money in rental fees. Not only do you simply need fewer bottles, but you will also use less bottled gas. Our system, unlike most, puts Nitrogen at its heart. We use the nitrogen generated by our machine to power the pumps. Our system uses nitrogen whenever possible to reduce waste. The final arm of our system aimed at saving you money involves moving you to a cheaper rental agreement for CO2.


Carbon Dioxide is all you need, lowering your rental costs, saving you money!

Dispense Gas Suppliers make their money from you buying gas and therefore want you to be using has as much as possible, we don't take the same view. The generator is the core of our system, for the same monthly fee provides you with all the nitrogen you need, it is abundantly found in the atmosphere and causes no harm to the environment. We don't profit from your gas usage and as a result, we are actively looking to reduce your systems reliance on Carbon Dioxide both because it is beneficial to you and because it is better for the environment. The headlines constantly remind us of the damage we are causing to the planet, wasting bottled CO2 plays a part in that. Do your bit to lower your impact on the environment and partner with us. The only consequence to you is cheaper gas - not much of a downside.   

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly 

Fewer bottles equal less delivers, just one of the eco-benefits of our system.


- Food & Beverage Grade Gas Mixer

- Plug & Play System

- Medical Grade Filtering and Tubing

- Easy Installation

- Simple & Low Cost Maintenance  

How we can save you money?


Bottled Gas Delivery Comparison



Popular Bottled Gas Supplier

Total no. of Bottles Delivered


The most expensive part of any cellar gas system is the purchase of gas, specifically the cost of expensive mixed gas. The Apex system is designed to lower those costs. Nitrogen is produced on-site and is then mixed with bottled carbon dioxide to produced the right mixed gas for your system. This brings two key benefits; 1) you only need to buy bottles of carbon dioxide which is the cheapest dispensed gas and 2) the nitrogen can be used to power your systems beer pumps meaning that CO2 is only used in your drinks making it last longer. 

The graph shows how much longer the Apex system makes your bottled gas last. For more information on the data for the graph Click Here

We are constantly working to improve our system and develop new technologies to better our product delivery.


If you choose to take out a subscription package with us then all new developments we make come included.


Our Best Allows You To Do Yours  

How the System Works

By using an Apex onsite nitrogen generator your need for C02 is greatly reduced.

While C02 is required for the taste and texture of several beers and necessary for the mixed gas in your system, it is no longer essential to power your beer pumps or for cleaning your lines, Apex’s NitrogeN2 instead generates nitrogen for these tasks, saving you the need for bottled gas and cutting down on your rental costs.

Diagram of the Apex Total Cellar System. Containing Nitrogen Generator, CO2 Cylinders and the beer gas pumps. Diagram explains how the system works.

Apex's nitrogen generators are manufactured using medical grade filters and tubing so there's no need to worry about the quality of gas supplied.

Each generator is tested to produce nitrogen of 99.9995% purity, so you can be rest assured that only the highest quality of nitrogen is provided. 

As part of our service to ensure that your system is running to the best of its ability, Apex regularly checks you generator to change filters and verifies that your system is continuing to supply you with high-grade nitrogen

It is reported that 4.2 million deaths a year are attributed to air pollution (World Health Organisation, 2020). While in quarantine due to the coronavirus the world has stopped and the impact on the environment can be seen everywhere. With airlines grounded, roads empty and factories closed there has been a massive reduction in air pollution. Since Italy went into lockdown on 9 March, pollution levels in Milan and other parts of northern Italy have fallen by about 40% (European Space Agency, 2020). Scientists believe that reducing pollution due to the lockdown has saved an estimated 77,000 lives in China alone just by reducing pollution (McMahon, J., 2020).

No one is suggesting that the coronavirus epidemic is a good thing nor is there a silver lining to them, but maybe they help us to learn about things we do in our everyday lives that could be improved. We should be trying to learn from this crisis and work to reverse the damage we have caused. Granted the biggest changes need to be made by the biggest polluters, fossil fuel burners, airlines and traffic. But that isn't to say that you are not able to make a difference.

Here at Apex, we believe we have the service which allows you to do your part, to do good by the earth and reduce climate change. That is exactly what our Cellar Gas System does. An upgrade of the inefficient and heavily polluting bottles gas model. Shifting the focus of the system onto Nitrogen allows you to be more environmentally friendly, as you limit wasting of CO2. Our system is designed to require fewer bottles of gas and use them more efficiently, this results in fewer deliveries which further reduces your carbon footprint - not to mention the financial benefit. 

For references Click Here

This System is the perfect fit for any small to medium size establishment, that is looking for a cheaper and more environmentally friendly cellar system with the capabilities to provide the best quality draft on the market

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