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We Are Apex
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We Are Apex Gasgen

Born out of the closure of Texol the metal fabrication organisation in 2009, we now focus on the manufacturing, service and maintenance of gas generators including, PSA Nitrogen generators. In 2012 we went under a major rebranding in which Apex Gasgen launched.

Today, Apex is now a leader in bespoke gas generator systems. Focusing on high performance and high purity gas generators for analytical laboratories. Apex is proud to be part of the local community in which it is based, from which it draws its staff and which it serves with its products. Based in Govan, Glasgow we are proud of our Scottish Heritage, it takes pride of place in our business. From the way, we design our products the Nevis and Munro Ranges to the unique culture of our business and our values and principles.

Our values and principles are framed around our colleagues, our customers and our service, and our priority is always on delivering outstanding outcomes for our customers. These values are what inform and protect our business, which in turn shapes our brand and differentiates from our competitors. These values help us to reach the goal of our mission statement.

Our Story
Our Story
Meet the Team
Meet the Team

Apex is a small gas generator business, which is focused on outdoing the competition in customer service and quality of our products. A key part of what makes our business special is its team, Apex is a tight-night group of individuals who work together to deliver you the perfect gas solution for your business. Below are the key members of our team.

Karen Cromar

Managing Director

Karen is the founder and managing director of Apex Gasgen. She is responsible for the running of the company and represents the company at expos around the world. She left school at 16 and started her first job at the local bank branch.  After enrolling in the management pathway program in 1983 she ended up as a manager in international banking at the Bank of Scotland. 

After a career break to raise a family, Karen jumped at the opportunity to put her talents to good use and rescued a gas generator business from a dissolving company which later became the Apex we have today. 

Campbell Harris

Chief Engineer

Campbell was educated in Glasgow with a Bachelor of Science degree from Strathclyde University and a Masters degree in Information Technology from Glasgow Caledonian University. Since then he has had several jobs acquiring experience in customer services, technical support, problem-solving & pneumatics and mechanical skills. 

Since joining Apex eight years ago he has relished in the challenge of working in a small family business and the variety this offers. He's an expert in everything apex and heads up technical support and is responsible for quality assurance, you can rest assure your machine does not leave for delivery until he is happy.

Ross Thompson

Cellar Gas Project Lead

After releasing a career in finance was not for Ross he set out to join the family trade of engineering, completing an HNC in electrical engineer here in Glasgow. Since then Ross has been involved in a number of startup companies primarily in the technology industry. This experience has allowed him to develop a great understanding of design and a drive for innovation which has been beneficial to Apex.


Ross started at Apex as a part-time service engineer which gave him knowledge and exposure of the spectacular array of applications our products are currently used in. Using that knowledge Ross has been able to bring a customer focus to our generators, allowing us to improve their performance. Today, he leads our lastest strive for innovation through our dispensed gas more about this system here.


In our journey to become a vital supplier of gas generators we aim to provide high quality customer services and products at the best available prices

The forefront of our business are our customers and we believe that providing high quality customer service is the key to success.


When You Win We Win.


Our values and principals towards providing these services is what separates us from our competitors. They are embedded in our business and echo in everything we do.

Apex is defined as the highest point of achievement, to be at the top. Every day we strive to be at the highest point of achievement. Continuingly strive for that point and believe that customer service and quality products are key to reaching that goal. We are put customer service first because we believe that the company/client relationship is vital to our success. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't have shareholders to please and more are therefore able to focus on growing a successful brand and business than making money for shareholders. We will never sacrifice quality for profit, it is not the Apex Way. You can rest assured that your in safe hands when you partner with us. Partners because we are with you for the long-haul, we will deliver your bespoke gas generator and continue to support you and it for years to come.

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