Our Products

Our laboratory equipment is highly customisable, we can work with you to develop a machine with a flow rate and purity level to suit your needs. Take a look at the product line below and follow their links to find the brochure which outlines the specifications. We also have experience in designing and manufacturing special units which have even more customisation. For more information on customised generators or help to find the machine you need, fill in our Request a Quote form and we will be happy to help.

Nitrogen Gas Generators

An Apex Nitrogen Generator will deliver an uninterrupted supply of high-quality nitrogen that is suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications. Our systems use the very best in PSA technology to generate inert, pure nitrogen whenever you need it. A Nitrogen Gas Generator from Apex converts air into high-purity nitrogen by drawing air which is filtered to remove contaminants and moisture. A sieve then removes carbon molecules, oxygen and any remaining moisture.


Replacing bottles nitrogen with an Apex generator is a cost-effective investment, generators reduce delays as you don't have to wait for bottled gas to be delivered nor have to worry about the rising cost of delivers. High purity nitrogen generators supports your analytical instruments, with nitrogen gas generators available in flow rates from as little as 200cc/min, for ELSD and Compact Mass Spectrometers, up to our TurboVap nitrogen generators producing over 400 L/min of high purity (up to 99.9995%) nitrogen and everything in between.

Take a look at our range of PSA Nitrogen Generators below for details on the specifications of our unit and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our team will be happy to help.


Nevis Desktop

The Nevis Desktop Laboratory Nitrogen Generator produces flows of up to 200cc/min of high purity nitrogen, whilst having the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market


Nevis Range

The Nevis NitroGenerator is a discrete, efficient, modular system that produces Ultra high purity nitrogen only when you need it. The Nevis series uses PSA technology for superior performance and reliability. 


Munro LCMS Range

Designed for the Mass Spectrometry market, the Munro Nitrogen Generator range is an extension of the Nevis range with flows from 15 to 60 I/min. 


Nevis 25C

The largest ultra-purity nitrogen generator in our product line, the N25C is capable of delivering 25 l/min of 99.9995% pure Nitrogen. Perfect for the largest of laboratory procedures. 

Other Gases

Nitrogen is not the only gas we are able to generate, the Apex product line offers a wide range of gas options. We have a range of wall-mountable Scrubbers and Air Dryers which can be easily hooked up to existing incoming compressed air supplies, insuring controlled gas for consistent laboratory conditions. Take a look at the range of products we have available to you are feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Hydrogen Generator


CO2 Scrubber

Carbon dioxide scrubbers are easy to install and simple to use. Choose from two models and specify the ideal flow rate, output pressure and mounting option for you.


Utilising Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology our Air Dryers provide ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. Ultra dry air is delivered as required. 



Our range of hydrogen generators use PEM technology to generate high purity hydrogen, capable of delivering flow rates of up to 3 liters per minute.


Our TOC generator includes particle filtration and an inbuilt buffer tank to provide an even flow of hydrocarbon free air at rates of up to 5 litres/minute.

TOC Gas Generator


Zero Air uses specialised catalytic technology to produce a flow of hydrocarbon-free air. Designed to be a simple plug and play device, connect the power and both the inlet and outlets.

Zero Air Range


The Apex Arrochar series of compressors provides ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. Clean and oil-free compressed air

Compressor Units

Apex Special Units

We are also able to combine gas variations in what we call a Special Unit to deliver the exacting gas specifications your facility requires. Dry Nitrogen, Dry Zero Air and other options are available and we are happy to work with you to make a generator which best suits your needs, can the same be said about your current gas supplier? 

At Apex we pride ourself on customer satisfaction, one of the ways we achieve this satisfaction is through our bespoke machines. All of the Apex product range is open to customisation from additional filtering to custom outputs. Below are a handful of examples of projects we have been asked to produce.

Apex Nevis LabMix-C Nitrogen and Air Generators

The Apex Munro LabMix-C generators are designed to provide the Nitrogen and Compressed Air required by Okolab gas mixers. As with most of the models in our range the Munro LabMix-C generators are mobile to allow easy repositioning and installation under a workbench. Whilst our Munro LabMix-C models are setup to match the requirement of Okolab gas mixers they can provide flexibility to match alternative system requirements. We can customise the purity, flow rates and delivery pressures to suit your specifications.

Apex Nevis C Outdoor Nitrogen Generators

Featuring an integrated Air compressor each Nevis-C Generator provides a true stand-alone solution. All models in the range are mobile to allow easy repositioning and installation. For Outdoor use our Nevis Nitrogen Generators can be built into an alternative weather proof enclosure. The Enclosure is rated as providing IP54 protection, keeping your generator safe from rain and most dust. Our standard Nevis Outdoor has a flow rate of 10 l/min, and an output pressure of 5.4 bar / 80 psi will producing high purity nitrogen of 99.9995% although like most of our products; flow rates, pressure and purity can all be customised. 

Apex Munro AB-C Series

The Apex Munro AB-C generator is designed to provide all three gases required to run current generation Mass Spectrometers in a single convenient unit. Delivering high purity Zero Air, Clean Dry Air and Nitrogen, certified to 95% purity. Each gas element can be individually controlled though our simple to use onboard computer. The Munro Ab-C provides flexibility to match your system requirements. We can customise the purity, flow rate and delivery pressure to suit your specifications.

Apex WM-H2/AIR Series

Our combined Hydrogen/Zero air generators provide ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. High purity Hydrogen and Zero Air is delivered as required. The small size of the generator allows it to be easily accommodated on top of a workbench. Our generators provide flexibility to match your system requirements. Each system can deliver a variety of flow rates and pressures to suit your specifications.