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Why choose a generator package from Apex?

A laboratory gas generator is a system that delivers a continuous supply of purified gas directly to a system that requires the use of a particular gas, such as gas chromatography, GC-MS, FTIR, ion mobility spectrometer, gas analyzer, environmental chamber, or applications requiring clean, dry gas. Laboratory gas generators completely eliminate the safety hazards typically involved with handling high-pressure cylinders. Many of these lab gas generators are hassle-free automated systems that do not require tanks to change or downtime. Some models offer a compact, portable design, which is ideal for any mobile laboratory. The type of gas provided by a specific gas generator can vary from model-to-model. 


An in-lab gas generator system from Apex Gasgen is a fantastic replacement to pressurised gas cylinders or bulk storage of laboratory gas. Traditional sources of gas incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs, all of which impact on your businesses revenue or facility budgets. An Apex Generator is a dependable, easy to use on-demand gas solution without any of the safety concerns of highly pressurised gas cylinders. Furthermore, while the price of delivered gas is subject to change as well as delivery delays, a generator from Apex represents a stable and dependable long-term investment.  

Lab gas generator systems are available for the generation of many different gases including, nitrogen, hydrogen, calibration gas, compressed air, zero air, zero nitrogen, zero hydrogen, and purge gas. Aside from the type of gas generator required for an application, other key features include flow rate of the gas and operating temperatures; depending on the model.

Gas on Demand

Convenient gas when you need it, no cylinders to change or stock levels to worry about.

Energy Efficient

No repeat gas deliveries, energy-efficient with smart standby mode.


No pressurised compressed gas cylinders in your lab, no heavy lifting of cylinders. Our larger units come with casters for manoeuvrability. 


Eliminate on-going costs of cylinders, manage lifetime running costs. Affordable service plans mean your generator is in perfect condition.


Consistent gas quality and supply, with purity levels to please and no running out of gas.


Help is only a call, email, message away. Not that you'll need it with our quality assurance.


At Apex we offer bespoke options, creating the ideal nitrogen generation package for you. Unlike shop-bought bottled gas; with us, you are able to customise your generator providing you with exactly what you need. Choose your generator's flow rate, purity level, installation method, plumbing and more. The addition of an optional integrated air compressor can make your generator a functional standalone solution, saving you the need to buy additional components.


We have industry-leading purity levels at a consistency you can rely on, can you be sure that you are getting the same from your bottled gas supplier? Delivering up to 99.9995% pure nitrogen that's ideal for any and all laboratory applications. If you have any concerns about your generator, its purity levels or efficiency then you can rely on our support team to ensure that your generator is running at its best and exceeding your expectations.  

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