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The Benefits of Using an Onsite Nitrogen Generator Within the Food Packaging Industry

A nitrogen generator has the capabilities to be used within a wide range of industries for all sorts of applications from laboratories to IVF & Stem Cell Research. In recent years particularly, nitrogen generators have begun being introduced into the food and beverage industry specifically in packaging. By using a nitrogen generator for packaging the freshness of the food is preserved for longer providing customers with food of a higher quality.

So what are some of the other benefits of using a nitrogen gas generator within the food and beverage industry?

The Properties of Nitrogen Gas

Due to its uniqueness and its general physical components nitrogen gas is the most appropriate gas of choice to use within food processing. As nitrogen is inert in its essence ( a substance which is not chemically reactive) it does not react negatively with food materials and helps to enhance a products aroma and flavour profiles. Nitrogen is proficient at efficiently displacing other gases which could cause oxidation or increase the growth of microorganisms which would cause food to spoil quicker.

Extended Shelf Life

In order to develop bacteria requires oxygen. Once oxygen comes into contact with anything organic that we consume it causes the product to deteriorate by furthering the growth of undesirable bacteria in the fats of our food products. By purging food packaging with nitrogen gas the oxygen contents present are depleted, meaning that there is no way for the food to spoil due to mould, mildew or any other harmful bacterial once it leaves a facility.

Maintains the Quality of the Food

The environment in which food is manufactured in is essential for the quality control of each product. In order for food to be produced to its highest quality a facility needs a clean, dry and inert environment. By using a compressed nitrogen generator during the food packaging process, the risk of any moisture effecting your food is reduced. Moisture is detrimental to food products, and by using nitrogen which is dry and has the capabilities of occupying the vacant spaces within a food package, the chance of moisture entering your products is limited reducing any effects that might occur and effect the colour, smell or taste of a product.

Improvement of Packaging with Onsite Nitrogen Generators

An onsite nitrogen generator can effortlessly replace the more traditional methods of bulk buying gas cylinders to maintain high quality food manufacturing, processing or packaging processes. Onsite nitrogen generators allow businesses to reduce their overall costs spent on the delivery, storage and resupplying of these nitrogen gas cylinders and by purchasing a nitrogen generator the company has the ability to produce the gas as and when it is required to their exact specifications with the desired purity achieved.

Apex Nitrogen Generator

Here at Apex we manufacture bespoke nitrogen generators using PSA technology which can be

customised to your applications exact requirements making it the perfect use for food and beverage packaging.

Using PSA technology not only provides you with the purest form of nitrogen available but also gives you value for money with a highly reliable machine, which a majority of companies see a return on investment on within the first 12 months.

If you would like to find out more in regards to Apex’s Nitrogen Generators and what we can do for you, speak to one of our engineers today by following the link below.

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