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Benefits of Using an On-site Nitrogen Generator for Electronic Applications

Over the past few years, nitrogen gas has become a common use in the manufacturing of electronics. The industry itself is quite complex and demands exact precision in all elements of the process and as such is why nitrogen is the ideal choice in assisting manufacturers to achieve the accurate outcomes at all times. Nitrogen gas is used to achieve the optimal atmosphere which is required in respects to timing, temperature, assembling and packaging applications. N2 plays an essential part in the soldering process and presents several benefits in the design of surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing. So, essentially by using nitrogen gas your products lifespan is guaranteed to be long-term.

The Benefits of Using a Nitrogen Generator in Electronic Manufacturing

The engineering of electronics is an extremely precise process and leaves no room for error and by using the process of SMT, manufacturing electronic devices are not only safer but also easier to produce compared to their predecessors which used lead-based soldering during manufacturing. Completed devices are also known to perform better so long as the ideal conditions are met, and this is where a nitrogen generator is introduced into the process. A nitrogen generator system supplies you with a constant stream of nitrogen gas on demand which ensures that the manufacturing of these electronic devices is a smooth process and that perfection is achieved each time.

Creates a Consistent Atmosphere

N2 gas is a key factor in creating an ideal atmosphere for the manufacturing of electronic devices to be successful. The job of the nitrogen gas is to maintain a clean, dry and inert environment consistently during the working day in order for the manufacturing process to continuously work safely. The nitrogen is also used to lessen the presence of moisture, oxidation and other possible faults to guarantee high productivity rates.

Prevents Oxidation

A frequent hurdle during the soldering is the oxidation or formation of oxygen particles between the adjacent materials. Circuit boards and other electronical components rely on strong soler joints and when oxidation is present it leads to the breakdown in the foundation of the joint and can cause to a fault in products. Equally, nitrogen gas assists in the reduction of oxidation and promotes a further stability in the solder joint.

Reduces Dross

Harmful particles or “dross”, in molten metal can lead to detrimental effects during the soldering process. The delivery of a continuous flow of nitrogen gas assists in the reduction of dross produced by a significant amount and improves the strength of the solder joint. By using nitrogen gas during the manufacturing process the costs and downtime linked with the clean up of solder waste is considerably reduced.

Enables Better Results

By using pure nitrogen the facilitated results of the application are more accurate and efficient. The reduction of surface tension from the nitrogen gas allows the solder to neatly break away from the soldering location which ultimately produces sharper finishes.

The Apex Nevis Series for all your nitrogen generator needs

Since 2012 Apex Gasgen has been manufacturing safe, reliable and cost effective onsite nitrogen generators which can be used across a wide range of applications, By choosing to rely on nitrogen generators over delivered nitrogen cylinders you are guaranteed to be supplied with a continues flow of

high purity nitrogen on demand which can assist in reducing your overall expenses. The benefits of a nitrogen generator from Apex include a constant supply of nitrogen gas whenever it is required and no added expenses on the delivery of gas cylinders. As nitrogen gas improves the manufacturing of electronic devices fewer repairs are required which will significantly reduce your overhead costs. Our nitrogen generators are manufactured using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to provide you with a superior performance which is ideal for the electronic manufacturing industry which can enhance the quality of the products produced.

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