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The Beer Shortage of Scottish Pubs

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

If there was one thing to take away from the World Cup this summer it’s just how much carbon dioxide (C02) is required to keep the beer flowing in British pubs, this however appears to have been a reoccurring struggle over the last few years.

As of recent statements from the Scottish Licensed Trade Association several pubs in Scotland have faced delays and cancellations of deliveries since last week, as well as other concerns. Several suppliers have suggested that shortages in labour have resulted in issues with distribution, with companies such as Heineken being forced to stop a number of deliveries being sent out.

This isn’t the first time there has been issues regarding the deliverance of products to pubs and other food industry establishments. The issue today however being due to several distributors such as Tennent’s struggling to keep up with delivery demands with reports of around 75% of deliveries falling short or being cancelled altogether resulting in a widespread problem. In an industry which is already struggling due to the repercussions of the pandemic the break down in the supply chain appears to be a disaster for these establishments.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association has been raising concerns over the potential shortage of carbon dioxide supplies three years after the last C02 shortage. In 2018 there was a substantial crisis in the shortage of C02 gas which had a major impact on the food and drinks industry. This shortage was a result of several elements the key reason being numerous ammonia manufactures shutting down their production plants at the same time for maintenance over the summer period, with several breweries both large and small being forced to operate on a limited number of products as result. Today many C02 suppliers appear to no longer be taking on new customers and without this gas then there is no beer.

Apex Cellar Solution: GasgeN2

Apex however provides a solution to rectify the issue that Scottish Pubs are currently facing, which is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and a highly effective cellar system which uses onsite nitrogen gas generation at its centre for all you gas dispensing requirements.

Apex’s GasgeN2 system moves beyond the reliance of C02 to put Nitrogen Gas at the forefront.

This Apex system provides a high quality reliable mixed gas supply in order to distribute beer faster with reduced fobbing and the ultimate pint presentation. As stated above many cellar systems currently rely on bottled gases which have to be delivered to establishments which is causing several issues to businesses.

A nitrogen generator does exactly what it appears to. It produces nitrogen from the surrounding air which it then filters to keep up with your required demands and with your gas being made on-site there is no extra expense required for delivery. While C02 is important in the taste and texture of beer, the use of onsite nitrogen generation means that C02 is no longer a requirement for beer pumps and cleaning lines and provides you with a longer lasting gas supply.

Apex’s GasgeN2 has the capabilities to cater to whatever mix ratios your cellars require, guaranteeing you that only the very best pints are distributed.

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