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Why More Breweries and Wineries are Choosing Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Their Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Compressed nitrogen gas is used in multiple industry applications throughout the world. The use of this nitrogen has become particularly popular within the brewing and winery industries due to its natural capabilities to maintain both the raw materials and the final product.

Typically, breweries are known to often rely on compressed nitrogen gas as a substitute to oxygen, while wineries tend to integrate the gas into their production methods in order to prevent the effects of oxidation. If your brewery or winery is still to this day using delivered high pressure nitrogen cylinders to pressurise and preserve your spirits, perhaps it is time to reconsider the source of your nitrogen. An onsite Nitrogen gas generator is the solution to the rising costs and risks to safety of compressed gas cylinders for your business.

The Advantages of an On-site Nitrogen Generator in Breweries and Wineries

In many businesses, the use of nitrogen is an outright requirement. Although the initial costs may be preventing you from making the commitment to invest, an on-site nitrogen generator offers a variety of benefits. The primary advantages of integrating nitrogen generators in breweries are an overall superior tasting beer or wine as well as improved production costs, economical gas usage and a decrease in downtime.

Preserving the Quality of Taste

One of the biggest rewards to using a nitrogen generator system to deliver both beer and wine is that it enriches the flavour of your final beverages. As nitrogen is the primary use to remove oxygen within the manufacturing process the prospects of the flavour changing are exponentially decreased. As a result of this process brewers can produce a creamier and smoother tasting beer with a unique quality as the nitrogen is largely insoluble in liquids and as such gives the customer “heavier” mouth feels.

Extends the Shelf Life

Throughout the duration of the bottling process, the nitrogen is utilised to decrease oxygen and as a result expands the products expected shelf life. In both of the brewing procedures, nitrogen gas assists in averting spoilage by diminishing remaining oxygen concentrations. Brewers and winemakers are required to use nitrogen during the purging and transfer stages to ensure that there is decreased risk of the previous batches potentially oxidising or “polluting” the next batch.

The Creation of a Consistent Product

Using compressed nitrogen can not only enhance the colour, flavour and carbonisation of your finished but can also offer you with more consistent tasting batches. This process is extremely useful for reducing the interaction between the air and your product which ultimately produces a higher quality and superior tasting beer or wine.

Decreased Cost of Operation

Although the cost of acquiring and installing an onsite nitrogen generator might appear excessive, eventually in the long term, it costs substantially less to operate when compared to the total spent on the gas provided by cylinders.

Efficient Gas Usage

The employment of an onsite generator will permit operators to produce only the necessary amounts of the gas when required. This enhances productivity as all the gas produced is utilised in the related processes without any waste. You can also select an onsite generator that delivers the highest purity nitrogen which fits your precise request.

Decrease in Cost of Delivery Downtime

Brewers operating with nitrogen supplied by gas cylinders may go through downtime in which their manufacturing processes are halted due to setbacks from a supplier. Acquiring a nitrogen generator eradicates this problem as the required amounts of the gas can be generated around the clock without disrupting the production cycle.

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