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Powerful & Small Nitrogen Generators

Compact nitrogen generators such as Apex’s Microgen are the ideal solution for applications which require low flow rates of high-purity nitrogen. Simple to install in any small space and providing an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen whenever the situation requires. Small, convenient nitrogen generators are used in various fields and emergency situations including military ground procedures, in coal mine fire containment or inert blanketing. A benefit of small nitrogen generators is that they are static machines which can be installed into various locations in a discrete fashion.

Portable Nitrogen Generators

Small transportable nitrogen generators are regularly used within the military establishment, particularly for equipment maintenance such as de-fogging and waterproofing night vision goggles in order to provide the highest proficiency and execution required. This treatment of Nitrogen for Optical Equipment which relies on nitrogen for the process known as “purging”, can be applied to various forms of optical equipment such as goggles, binoculars, cameras, microscopes, telescopes etc. These portable nitrogen generators are ideal due to their convenient size, dependability and capability to provide whoever with Nitrogen whenever.

Apex’s portable nitrogen generators are designed and manufactured using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for superior performance and reliability. Our nitrogen generators use Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) technology which consistently outlast membrane filters and reduce maintenance while producing high-quality nitrogen.

Small Nitrogen Generators

Small compact nitrogen generators can also be implemented and used in other scenarios including:

- Gas Chromatography

- Flame Ionisation Detection (FID)

- Ionisation (API-MS)

These miniature nitrogen generators require marginal space, run quiet and have the ability to be installed in various locations in a subtle fashion out-of-the-way. They are manufactured to be lightweight, safe, reliable with low power requirements and will provide you with constant high purity nitrogen.

Small Nitrogen Generators vs High Pressure Nitrogen Cylinders

There are several benefits to installing a nitrogen generator compared to a high-pressure gas cylinder. Installing a compact nitrogen generator can increase profit, create a safer working environment and improve operational efficiency.

Cylinders are larger in contrast to nitrogen generators and require additional storage space and are required to be handled with extreme care or the nitrogen provided may deplete faster when it is needed. Manoeuvring these cylinders, changing them regularly and storing them within your premises involves careful transportation and safety conformity.

Nitrogen generators are fundamentally a more environmentally friendly choice by saving on the resources used for the transport and delivery of these gas cylinders. Nitrogen generators provide simplicity along with a greater ROI (Return on Investment), that cylinders just don’t, making Nitrogen Generators the ultimate solution for your requirements.

Apex Gas Generators – The Ideal Source for Your Nitrogen Needs

The Nevis Desktop Generator produces flows of up to 200cc/min of high purity nitrogen, whilst having the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market and can be used across a range of appliances.

- Flow Rate: 0.2 liters per minute at the highest purity.

- Purity of up to 99.9995%

- Compact and lightweight construction

- Minimal Power Requirement

- Available with or without an integrated air compressor

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