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Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generation

Thanks to its capabilities in providing a continual supply of nitrogen gas ready for various applications upon demand, on-site nitrogen generators have swiftly become fundamental for several industries worldwide.

On-site nitrogen generation can produce further opportunities for cost savings and other efficiencies for manufacturers who wish transfer from delivered liquid nitrogen services and can also lower your overall carbon cost as it removes various determinants which are related to the delivery of nitrogen gas from third party dealers.

So what are some of the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation?

Reduce Costs

Within the industrial marketplace the potential cost of a 100L cylinder varies depending on both the manufacturer and quality and depending on its usage may need to be replaced fairly regularly. Without factoring in delivery costs, removal of old cylinders and equipment rental, you could still be looking at between £6000 and £7000. Shifting to the use of on-site nitrogen generation costs can drop exponentially regardless of the user’s location.

There is also the risk of product loss during the transportation process from the facility to truck and from the truck to manufacturers, all of which can contribute to substantial product waste. Delivered nitrogen must also be stored onsite prior to use, in a cooled tank, customers who have nitrogen delivered to their facility will lose an automatic 10 percent of the volume to waste.

On-site nitrogen equipment providers can work with manufacturers to develop a spreadsheet to help identify the ultimate savings with a shift from delivered liquid nitrogen to on-site generation in a variety of industries.

The Environmental Impact

A concern for manufacturers is their ability to mitigate a facility’s environmental impact. Manufacturers can quickly increase efficiency and reduce costs with a shift to on-site nitrogen generation from delivery. The outlying benefits related with this process change will also make a lasting impact.

Reducing carbon footprint is one way to put words into action while lowering running costs as well. Before nitrogen can be delivered to a facility there is a certain process which cylinders must be put through. The method of separating nitrogen takes an immense amount of energy, while also producing substantial amounts of CO2 which is then distributed into the surrounding air. By using an on-site nitrogen generator, this process of depending on the cylinder production is no longer required.

There is also the benefit of minimising product waste, by producing your own nitrogen the need to rely on cylinders is removed which means that there will be less to dispose of and while these cylinders can be reused, they will ultimately become ineffective.

Additionally, up to 10% of delivered nitrogen can begin to seep out of its container, wasting the product before use. The use of nitrogen generation will allow you to keep your nitrogen supply and remove any excessive contributions to the landfill.

Employee Safety

Employees are a manufacturer’s greatest resource, and providing a safe workspace is a primary concern. With on-site nitrogen generation, the potential for worker injury associated with storage tank leaks and possible exposure to the liquid nitrogen during the delivery and unloading process is eliminated, as well as removes the potential for serious burns from exposure. Nitrogen generation also removes the hazard of having lab personnel transport heavy gas cylinders which if not done properly can lead to injuries and damaged equipment.

On-site nitrogen generation is not only the best choice for your business, but it is also the smartest choice for our planet. Nitrogen gas generators can help your organisations to reduce costs, improve production efficiencies and enable you to meet your environmental sustainability targets.

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