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The New Solution to Bottled Gas

Providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to bottled gas. Our Nitrogen Generators support your analytical instruments so you can achieve your best.

Apex Gasgen Presents:
Nitrogen Generators

In today’s culture nitrogen gas has become a key staple for many industries, ranging from food processing to document preservation to mining. Traditionally nitrogen gas has been supplied through high pressure cylinders. However as society continues to develop the use of gas cylinders is becoming more and more inefficient due to delivery delays or limited stock causing detrimental effects to production. These cylinders not only present an increased risk to employees safety but are also the more expensive option in acquiring nitrogen gas.


Apex is here to offer the solution: Nitrogen Gas Generators.


A Nitrogen Generator extracts nitrogen from the air and delivers an uninterrupted supply of high-quality pure nitrogen which is suitable for use across a wide variety of applications. Our nitrogen generators are manufactured using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to generate inert, pure nitrogen as and when it is required. So for those of you who are regular users of nitrogen gas, it is worth the consideration to install an onsite nitrogen generator and enjoy the benefits which it can provide your business with.


At Apex we have an extensive range of nitrogen generators - The Nevis Range and The Munro Range, which have the capability to fulfil your nitrogen requirements on demand. Check out some of our brochures below to find out more about our Nevis and Munro systems.

Key Benefits


Save Money.png

Cost Reduction

Nitrogen Generators require very little beyond their initial costs compared to cylinders, cannisters, and Dewar's etc. which come with expensive delivery and pick up fees.

With Nitrogen Generators there is very limited risk of a product being lost from the manufacturers to the trucks to the facility reducing the risk of having to order more.

Delivered nitrogen also requires onsite cooling storage prior to use which increases a facilities overall price

Return on Investment within the first 12 months

Safety Danger Vector.png

Employee Safety

Nitrogen Generators stabilises gas and operate at lower and therefore safer pressures eliminating the risk of explosions and injuries

Can be installed directly adjacent to where they are needed the most, without risk to your employees wellbeing

Apex's Generators also come with castors which allow you to manoeuvre your generator easily without the risk of injury from transporting heavy cylinders.  

Directly Installed for you reducing the risk of hurting your employees 

Reduced Waste.png

Reduced Waste

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of a canister’s, cylinder’s, Dewar’s, or liquid method’s nitrogen gas is left unused.


This can lead to higher costs and waste production levels.


Generators do not have this issue; they will only produce what is needed so you can rest assured that all your nitrogen is being used efficiently.

Without the need for gas cylinders your product waste is greatly reduced


Environmental Impact

Nitrogen Cylinders are put through a process to separate nitrogen which requires an immense amount of energy while simultaneously producing C02 which is released into the surrounding air

By installing an Apex Nitrogen Generator the need for monthly delivery trucks is removed which assists in reducing your overall carbon footprint. 

No more need for delivery trucks to acquire your nitrogen

Reliable Vector.png


Nitrogen Generators produce a constant supply of gas on demand leading to no delays in production while waiting on a delivery.

Nitrogen Generators have the ability to produce high purity gas on demand.

Apex's nitrogen generators provide a constant supply of nitrogen gas with a consistent purity rate of 99.9995%

Provides a constant supply of nitrogen with 99.9995% purity



Canister, cylinders, Dewar’s, and liquid methods are one-size-fits-all, but at Apex our generators can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.


This means that your machine will work at maximum efficiency, producing the precise amount of gas you need to maintain operations.

At Apex we can tailor our generators to your exact requirements


High Purity Nitrogen with up to 99.9995%

Built In Oil-Free Compressor to Reduce Contaminants

Easy Installation

Medical Grade Tubing as Standard

Stand-By Mode

PSA Technology

Simple and Low-Cost Maintenance

Integrated Air Compressor Available

Male Scientist

All Apex units are supplied with our standard 1 year warranty.


Accompanied with our on-going care and servicing facilities Apex provides the highest quality peace of mind.

How the System Works

Our systems use the very best in PSA technology to generate inert, pure nitrogen whenever you need it. 

Pressure Swing Adsorption or PSA is an economic and reliable method used to separate mixed gas into individual gases while achieving a high purity level. PSA is a non-cryogenic air separation process which essentially means it is a process which uses near ambient temperatures for the production of nitrogen or oxygen in contrast to the cryogenic distillation techniques of gas separation which take place are very low temperatures and is a process commonly employed in chemical and petrochemical processes in commercial practices.


During the process, gases are separated under pressure based on the species molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material. PSA is used to recover hydrogen from coking or conversion gases or to split oxygen and nitrogen from the air.

Before getting into the process of how the PSA System works it is essential to understand the difference between adsorption and absorption. The Pressure Swing Adsorption separation system is based on the principle of adsorption. Adsorption is a surface-based procedure while absorption involves the whole volume of the material. The adsorption method is when the gas or liquid molecules adhere on the surface of the adsorbent. This process creates a film of the adsorbate on the surface of the adsorbent.


Each PSA system uses specialised adsorbent materials such as zeolites, molecular sieves, activated carbon etc. These substances are used as a trap, ideally adsorbing the target gas species at high pressure. The process then swings to low pressure in order to desorb the adsorbed material hence the name pressure swing adsorption. This adsorption process is based upon the gas molecules binding to these absorbent materials, preferably only the gas, which is to be absorbed, while all other gases in the mixture pass through the adsorbent bed.

PSA Diagram Brochure.png

Air from an external source enters the generator via a 0.01-micron filter [1] that removes contaminants and bulk moisture via an integrated auto drain. When the control system assesses that more nitrogen is required, the solenoid valve [2] is opened and pressure is allowed to build in the column [4] containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) and a residue moisture catcher [3].This sieve adsorbs the oxygen and leaves the dry nitrogen free to flow through the non-return valve into the direction of the variable reservoir capacity (VRC) [7] Following on from this the Nitrogen is allowed to flow to the application via another 0.01-micron filter [8] and pressure and flow regulators [9].The trapped oxygen is meanwhile filtered out through the exhaust valves [6]

Scientist with Microscope

Apex's extensive range of Nitrogen Generators are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Our engineers are always happy to help customise your bespoke system to fit your exact product specifications.

Click Here to get in touch with one of our qualified specialists and find out more about what Apex can do for you.

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Apex's Nevis and Munro Range are suitable to produce high-quality pure nitrogen for a wide variety of applications

Food and Drink.png

Food & Drinks Industry

IVF Separate.png

IVF & Stem Cell


Beer & Cellar Solutions


Lensing Mediums


Analytical Chemistry


Aircraft & Motor Vehicles

Chemical & Petro.png

Chemical &
Petrochemical Industry



Glass Industry


Fire Protection




Paint & Varnish Industry

Document Preservation.png

Document Preservation

Gas Chromotography.png

Gas Chromatography

Fibre Optics.png

Fibre Optics

Mass Specrtrometry_edited.png

Mass Spectrometry 

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