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What is a Nitrogen Generator and Why Should You Buy One?

In many businesses, nitrogen gas is an everyday requirement. Industries ranging from food processing to mining use nitrogen regularly, and its supply is vital to operations. Traditional nitrogen gas supplies rely on the rental, delivery, installation, and removal of high-pressure cylinders. Gas cylinders are inefficient, causing a gap in production if delivery is delayed or supplies are unavailable. Cylinders are not only more expensive than they need to be, but they also create increased risk of workplace injuries.

Nitrogen generators, offer a superior alternative. For those who are regular users of nitrogen gas, it would be worth considering installing their own nitrogen generator and enjoy the benefits a generator can provide.

What is a Nitrogen Generator?

Before looking at the various advantages an on-site nitrogen generation system brings, it is important to know what a nitrogen generator is and how it works. In simple terms a nitrogen generator extracts nitrogen from the air and supplies it in a pure form. Apex nitrogen generators use a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), which extracts nitrogen from a supply of compressed air.

Nitrogen generators offer a continuous flow of pure nitrogen right to where you need it and removes the need to wait for canister deliveries or to be at the mercy of supplier prices. Whilst delivering essentially the same result, the generator produces the nitrogen rather than having it transported in cylinders.

Uses of a Nitrogen Generator

There are many applications for nitrogen gas across a variety of industries. Any industry that currently uses nitrogen be it supplied by canister, cylinder, Dewar, or liquid deliveries can benefit from an in-house nitrogen generation system. In most lines of business, a nitrogen gas generator can work effortlessly into your manufacturing or analytical processes.

One of the most common industries for nitrogen gas is food and beverage production. In a modified atmosphere system nitrogen helps to preserve food inside its packaging and extend its shelf life. This is even more important for bulk food products that might be stored for longer periods, as well as foods where preservatives are not included or desired in their ingredient lists.

The wine industry also benefits from nitrogen, as reducing oxygen exposure to prevents the wine from spoiling. In the non-consumable market, nitrogen also extends the shelf life of things like paint and household solvents and because it delivered in a dry form prevents moisture and condensation in electronic part production. Nitrogen also plays an integral role in quality assurance and consistency monitoring. On-site generators allow you to perform all of these tasks and more without a third-party supplier.

Why Make the Switch?

While disrupting and changing your current process can seem daunting, owning a nitrogen generator has numerous benefits. The advantages of a nitrogen generator are widespread and touch on nearly every aspect of your business.

Below are the primary benefits of switching to an in-house nitrogen generator:

1. Improved Safety

Working with nitrogen cylinders presents a health safety risk to your team. Nitrogen generators stabilize the gas and operate at lower (and safer) pressures, greatly reducing or eliminating the risk of explosions or injuries. In fact, they’re so safe that they can be installed directly adjacent to where they’re needed most, without risk to your employees’ wellbeing.

2. Unparalleled Reliability

Unlike canisters, cylinders, Dewar’s, and liquid methods, nitrogen generators produce a constant supply of gas, so you never have to worry about stopping production to wait for a delivery. While local nitrogen supplies can run out or deliveries run late, a generator system keeps up with your demand and works on your schedule.

3. Fewer Wasted Resources

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of a canister’s, cylinder’s, Dewar’s, or liquid method’s nitrogen gas is left unused. This can lead to higher costs and waste production levels. Generators do not have this issue; they will only produce what is needed so you can rest assured that all your nitrogen is being used efficiently.

4. Increased Savings

Canisters, cylinders, Dewar’s, and liquid methods all come with expensive fees and restrictive contracts. On the other hand, generators require very little beyond their initial cost. Most companies see a return on investment within 12 months.

After the initial investment is recouped, generators cost about one-tenth of the price of canisters, cylinders, Dewar’s, and liquid methods per year. That’s a 90 percent difference in operating costs, which creates a significant surplus for most companies.

5. Customization Options

Canister, cylinders, Dewar’s, and liquid methods are one-size-fits-all, but at Apex our generators can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. This means that your machine will work at maximum efficiency, producing the precise amount of gas you need to maintain operations.

Bottom Line

Nitrogen generators can completely revitalise your company’s production process, lowering your operating costs and improving your efficiency. Without dealing with the hassles of nitrogen cylinder delivery, you can grow your business to new heights.

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