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Can a Nitrogen Generator Help Your Organization Be Environmentally Friendly?

On-site nitrogen generators are constructed to provide you with a continuous supply of nitrogen gas whenever it is required thus making them a key staple across multiple industries around the world. N2 generators are manufactured either using Membrane or Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate the nitrogen molecules from mixed gases and store them in tanks ready to be used on-demand in a variety of applications. The technological advancements in nitrogen generation made over the past few years have aided many organisations into becoming more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly in their nitrogen delivery.

So how is Nitrogen Generation helping you to becoming more environmentally friendly?

Investing in an onsite nitrogen gas generator not only provides you with benefits to your bottom-line nut also lowers your carbon footprint. This is due its ability to drop the variables associated with nitrogen delivery from a third-party supplier. Other advantages to incorporating an on-site nitrogen generator into your business include, reduced energy consumption, elimination of delivery trucks, minimisation of product waste and the removal of preservatives in food packaging.

Reducing Energy Consumption

Before nitrogen gas cylinders are delivered to your business there is a process which they must go through. Bottled nitrogen is typically produced in commercial plant facilities in which the separation of nitrogen takes a vast amount of energy and resources, all while producing large amount of C02 gas which is then dispersed into the surrounding atmosphere. In using an on-site nitrogen generator, the reliance on bottled gas is no longer necessary.

Elimination of Delivery Trucks

A significant way to reduce the carbon footprint of your facility would be to switch to an onsite generator to produce your own supply of nitrogen gas whenever you require it. This self-sufficient method would therefore eliminate the need for frequent nitrogen deliveries meaning less trucks on the road producing harmful gases into the environment.

Minimising Product Waste

The production of your own nitrogen removes the need to rely on cylinders meaning that there would be a significant reduction in things to dispose of. While bottles can regularly be reused overtime, they become ineffective and must be put into storage. Additionally delivered nitrogen can percolate out of it’s containers by up to 10% squandering the product before it has been used. Nitrogen generation will allow you to keep all of your nitrogen supply while simultaneously removing the excessive contributions to landfill.

Removal of Preservatives in Food Packaging

Several food packaging companies add preservatives to their products in an attempt to extend a products shelf-life. However, by simply replacing oxygen with nitrogen gas inside packaging the reliance on these chemical preservatives is drastically decreased. Nitrogen is also a cleaner way to prevent moisture from interfering which will aid in making your products last longer.

What can Apex do for you?

So an onsite nitrogen gas generation is not only the top choice for your business but also the smartest choice for our planet. Currently many consumers around the world are more invested in assisting companies which are more environmentally active.

Apex Gasgen is here to help you in joining the ever-evolving population of environmentally friendly organisations. We aim to provide you with high quality nitrogen generators which supply you with the highest purity of nitrogen available, using PSA technology. Our range of nitrogen generators can aid in reducing the costs of your organisation, improve production efficiencies and facilitate you to become more environmentally sustainable.

If you are searching for a simpler and greener way to meet your N2 gas requirement needs then look no further than Apex’s wide range of nitrogen generators and more, our team of skilled engineers are happy to consult with you about your requirements and assist you in building a more sustainable future for your business.

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