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AI Week! Day five:

AI review
The AI Review

The review:

This weeks started with an experiment provide un-edited content from ChatGPT that starts from a relevant point and follow where is goes.

The only edits that were done were the adding of the images to the posts, and while these post were spread over 5 days, 4 were written and scheduled in 15 minutes and the 5th one is at 3 minutes and counting.

How was it?

Fantastically easy, as you can see from the previous posts the question was small and the answers were expansive and wordy. I gave minimal direction to begin with and simply asked for the next post to continue the program writing the content for me.

What really interested me was how the content influenced my questions. You will notice there are only four AI posts and this final day is being typed by myself, the reason for there only being four is that I caught the last section of day three where ChatGPT inferred that the next post would be the last in the series.

We could speculate on this being the early days of computers controlling our thoughts through subtle means of communication in the same way humans can or that the computer was self aware of it's own limitations of doing a 5 day stretch on the same topic. I am more inclined to there being a much wider pattern of these tests being done by other companies where they have four days of AI based posts and a fifth day where the human critiques the posts. I am not a journalist but I can easily imagine writers wanting to do that so my format of question was easily predictable with out me starting with that plan.


Does the content provided do anything for me, yes! It is an interesting insight into what can be done by clever programmers and massive huge amounts of data for "training".

The formatting is below the most basic of posts should be having numbered bullet points that have multiple entries of 1, no double spaced paragraphs for easy visual separation of points and content, headings are almost hidden, Americanised spelling and a lot of repetition, repetition, repetition.

It does talk of personalisation but there are no anecdotes to provide the point or make personal connection with the audience. The authority is great but it is an AI talking about an AI being helpful so a lack of authority there is a killer.

Is this the future?

For a lot of things this is incredible, I have been writing this post for 40 minutes at this point and it is for one day. the ability to go from a blank page to a lot of words is amazing and I will be using it to provide inspiration for future blog posts.

But we are a small manufacturing business (incase ChatGPT did not make that clear) and being a source of reliable and true information means that we can not put out information that is not accurate. in other attempts with ChatGPT it provided great information and it was close to being accurate but with a basic google search was proven to have missed the point and had provided inaccurate information.

The Jury is still out on it's impact on our SEO as they are not published yet and have absolutely nothing to do with what we make, Marketing for Small manufacturing companies is not what I want to rank for however if any small Manufacturing companies would like assistance with their marketing please use our contact from as we have now mastered are currently reading this.

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