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Nevis-10C Outdoor Nitrogen Generator

High Purity Nitrogen Delivered As and When Required.

Utilising Pressure Swing Adsorption technology the Apex Nevis series provides ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. High purity nitrogen is delivered as and when required. Featuring an integral Jun Air compressor each Nevis-C Generator provides a true stand-alone solution.


All models in the range are mobile to allow easy repositioning and installation. For Outdoor use our Nevis Nitrogen Generators can be built into an alternative weather proof enclosure. The Enclosure is rated as providing IP54 protection, keeping your generator safe from rain and most dust.

Features & Benefits
  • Standard flow rates of up to 10litres/min

  • Output pressure 5.4 Barg / 80psig

  • High purity Nitrogen up to 99.9995%

  • IP54 rated weather proof enclosure

  • Stand-by mode

  • PSA technology

  • Built in oil-free compressor to reduce contaminants

  • Easy installation

  • Simple and low cost maintenance

Nevis-10C Outdoor Table.png

How it works:


Air from the integral compressor enters the generator via a 0.01- micron filter [1] that removes contaminants and bulk moisture via an integrated auto drain. When the control system assesses that more nitrogen is required, solenoid valve [2] is opened and the pressure is allowed to build in the column [4] containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) and a residue moisture catcher [3]. This sieve adsorbs the oxygen and leaves the dry nitrogen free to flow into the reservoir [7]. After this point, the Nitrogen is allowed to flow to the application via another 0.01-micron filter [8] and pressure and flow regulators [9].

Outdoor Diagram.png



All Apex units are supplied with our standard 1 year warranty. Accompanied with our on-going care and servicing facilities Apex provides the highest quality peace of mind.

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