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Hydrogen where you need it when you need it.

Our laboratory Hydrogen generators use the newest membrane technology for the electrolytic production of pure H2 gas. This technology was preferred over alternative hydrogen-generating techniques because it is clean, requires less maintenance and there is no need to store chemicals to maintain operation. Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water through a polymer membrane. Only pure water, either distilled or deionised, is required to provide trouble-free long term operation.

Each system includes an integrated dryer to remove any moisture and has a range of safety features built-in. Such features include automatic leak detection, automatic shut down when the flow rate drops or when the internal pressure gets too high.

The Apex Laboratory Hydrogen generator range is available in many sizes with output ranging from 0.15 litres per minute up to 3 litres per minute. Contact us to request more information and we will be happy to advise which of our range best suits your requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Standard flow rates of up to 0.5litres/min ( 3 L/min in high capacity models)

  • Hydrogen Purity of >99.999%

  • Output pressure range of 0.2 Bar (3psi) to 10 Bar (145psi)

  • Automatic safety alarms

  • Stand-by mode

  • Easy installation

  • Simple maintenance


Hydrogen is used in the laboratory for a variety of applications:


  • Gas Chromatography (GC)

  • As fuel or carrier gas

  • ICP-MS as a collision gas

  • In the chemical industry, to synthesise ammonia, cyclohexane and methanol

  • Food industry for hydrogenation of oils to form fats.


Utilising Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) technology our QL series Hydrogen generators provide affordable performance, efficiency and reliability. High purity Hydrogen is delivered as required. The small size of the generator allows it to be easily accommodated on top of a Work bench. Our Hydrogen generators provide flexibility to match your system requirements. Each system can deliver a variety of flow rates and pressures to suit your specifications.

How it Works:

Deionised or distilled water is pumped into a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) cell. Within the PEM cell Electrolytic Disassociation splits the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Oxygen is vented safely from the system whilst the Hydrogen proceeds through the system. After passing through a gas/liquid separator the hydrogen gas enters a desiccant chamber to remove the last traces of water from the gas. The hydrogen then passes to the application via a pressure regulator.

Hydrogen Diagram.png

An on-site generator provides several benefits over bottled gas:

  • Save money: You never have to pay for bottled gas again.

  • Save space: A generator requires less space than storing gas cylinders.

  • Improve workplace safety: Employees don’t have to move heavy gas cylinders, nor do you have to store high-pressure tanks.

  • Reduce delays: You don’t have to wait for deliveries of bottled gas.

Do you need a bespoke solution? We can supply a custom gas generator for any application. Choose your flow rate, purity and output pressure. Click "Request a Quote" to let us help you.

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