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Maximise the efficiency of your laboratory with a bespoke compressor

Laboratory compressors are a vital component of a working laboratory providing air for multiple uses both direct and indirect. All our laboratory nitrogen generators come with the option of laboratory compressors. We can provide compressors either built into the machine or as a separate system as required. Our wide range of compressors is always available, contact us with your requirements to allow us to personalise a compressor for you.

The Apex Arrochar series of compressors provides ideal performance, efficiency and reliability. Clean and oil-free compressed air is delivered as required. Each system in the Arrochar range incorporates an integral air receiver. All models in the range are mobile to allow easy repositioning and installation. The Arrochar series provides flexibility to match your system requirements. We can customise the purity, flow rate and delivery pressure to suit your specifications.

Features and Benefits
  • Flow rates from 20-260litres/min


  • Output pressure 10Bar / 147psi


  • Oil-free


  • Medical grade tubing as standard


  • Stand-by mode


  • Easy installation


  • Simple and low cost maintenance

ARC 65-20.png

How it works:


Air from the atmosphere is drawn in to the compressor [2] via a filter [1] and compressed. The compressed air then flows through a heat exchanger [3] to cool before entering the air receiver [4]. The pressure in the tank is measured by sensor [5] and maintained within defined limits. After the tank the air then flows through a filter [6] to remove any dust and bulk water and finally flows to the application via pressure and flow regulators [7].



All Apex units are supplied with our standard 1 year warranty. Accompanied with our on-going care and servicing facilities Apex provides the highest quality peace of mind.

Do you need a bespoke solution? We can supply a custom gas generator for any application. Choose your flow rate, purity and output pressure. Click "Request a Quote" to let us help you.

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