Zero Air

supply clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air perfect for FIDs (Flame Ionization Detectors) and FPDs (Flame Photometric Detectors).

Featuring an advanced catalytic conversion technology, the Zero Air generator allows for hydrocarbon removal within minutes of starting up while offering zero impedance to the compressed air supply. 


The generator is designed for constant use in laboratories and other demanding applications. The zero air generator has no mechanical parts and is easy to install and use. It uses catalytic combustion to remove hydrocarbons and can provide up to 40 litres of air per minute.

All the models in our range are small enough that they will easily sit on a workbench. The Zero Air series provides flexibility to match your system requirements. We can customise the purity, flow rate and delivery pressure to suit your specifications.

Features and Benefits
  • Clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air to less than 0.1 ppm 

  • 4 Standard models for flows up to 40 lpm. (higher flow models also available) 

  • Utilizes the newest catalyst technology for consistent purity and long life 

  • Unlike competitive models, does not require expensive catalyst changes 

  • Quick 3-minute start-up time and low power consumption 

  • Models available designed for 24/7 operation and near-zero maintenance 

  • Eliminates run-outs, heavy cylinders and never-ending gas costs


The Zero Air is a highly customisable product, we offer variable flow rates between 1 and 80 litres per minute. A compressor can also be integrated into the machine increasing its versatility.

How it Works...

Compressed air is fed into the system through a filter [1] which removes particulates and bulk moisture via an auto drain. The air is then passed over a low power heater element [2] before coming into contact with the catalytic converter [3]. At this point, any hydrocarbons are combusted into trace levels of moisture and CO2. The hydrocarbon-free air is now passed through a cooler [4] for a return to ambient temperature and the outlet filter [5] removes any residual moisture.


  • Gas Chromatography

    • GC-NPD

    • GC-FPD

    • GC-FID

  • TOC

  • CO2 analysis

  • Emission Analyser

Do you need a bespoke solution? We can supply a custom gas generator for any application. Choose your flow rate, purity and output pressure. Click "Request a Quote" to let us help you.