The Munro LCMS Range

The Munro series provides flexibility to match your system requirements. 

Designed for the Mass Spectrometry market, the Munro Nitrogen Generator range is an extension of the Nevis range with flows from 15 to 60 I/min. The system is economical to run, producing nitrogen only when needed.


The Apex Munro is a discrete, efficient, modular system that produces high purity nitrogen only when you need it. The Munro uses PSA technology for superior performance and reliability. A range of models, including options for built-in compressors, is available to cover a wide range of applications. The larger units are fitted with castors to allow them to be manoeuvred easily into position. Most models in the series will fit under a workbench.

Features and Benefits
  • Six models available with flow rates between 15 and 60 litres of nitrogen per minute

  • Certified purity level >95%

  • Output pressure 5.4 bar/80 pounds per square inch

  • Integrated air compressor available

  • Dimensions vary according to model, units with a compressor are larger. Please enquire for specific dimensions.

  • Stand-by mode for energy saving and convenience 

Munro Specs.png

The Munro series of high flow rate Nitrogen generators which is a range of discrete, efficient and modular Nitrogen generators that produce dry nitrogen only when you need it. The Nevis series uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology for superior performance and reliability. The series includes a range of models to cover most applications. When selecting a system, consideration should be given to the required flow rate, purity and delivery pressure. Additionally Apex will be happy to consult with you as to which specific model would suit you. 

Each high purity nitrogen generator in the series can be run from an external source of compressed

air or can be built with an integral compressor. Using an external air source air will provide almost

silent operation. An integral compressor allows the system to run as a complete stand-alone solution.

Maintenance of your Nevis Series High Purity Nitrogen Generator is simple with all regular maintenance parts being easily accessible, for peace of mind we offer a service package. Currently, this is only available to UK customers but if you are elsewhere, we have a wide network of service companies which we trust.

An on-site nitrogen generator provides several benefits over bottled gas:

  • Save money: You never have to pay for bottled nitrogen again.

  • Save space: A nitrogen generator requires less space than storing gas cylinders.

  • Improve workplace safety: Employees don’t have to move heavy gas cylinders, nor do you have to store high-pressure tanks.

  • Reduce delays: You don’t have to wait for deliveries of bottled gas.


  • Mass Spectrometry (LCMS instruments)

  • Drying Gas & Shield Gas

  • Fibre Optics

  • Blanket gas for Ovens

  • Special Coatings

  • Wave Soldering

  • Packaging

Do you need a bespoke solution? We can supply a custom gas generator for any application. Choose your flow rate, purity and output pressure. Click "Request a Quote" to let us help you.